Imagery very deep subject. The daguerreotype to our modern day pixelation of high-resolution imagery images have come to Define us as human beings. We use imagery and video and photographs to Define us and to represent us as a species. We use imagery in everything that we do images are in our dreams images Runner nightmares everything that encompasses Being Human can be expressed through imagery. Anything that can be described can be put into words they can put into pixels. She’s an amazing aspect of photography. To capture that moment to capture that moment in time when a piece of History stopped in time no longer passes and Things become unencumbered by the idiosyncratic behaviors of motion and time and passing and things that have to be overcome and sought and dealt with. A snapshot in time and a match in the far reaches of the universe like will travel and sometimes take billions of years to reach Earth and we capture it and stop the time and stop the traveling of the light and capture the image within a photograph or a video. Without going too far off on a philosophical bent imagery is what it is to be alive for tography is what it is to capture that living. Sometimes we may say to ourselves I wish I could stop time I wish I could travel to the past but in essence we can we just look at a photograph and be awestruck by the point in time in which it has captured. We can almost see imagery photograph video as small time capsules taking us into the past and giving us a glimpse of what was sometimes this man tell looking at pain sometimes dismantle looking at happiness but whatever it is images and pictures and imagery and vision and sight and light and everything that encompasses these things is ingrained and integrated with our photography And Las Vegas Web design.


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